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Introduction to The Studio


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Student Successes Update

Gregoryjust shot an episode of a popular TV show and booked a movie for this Summer.

Phil booked a major role in a new Zombie movie with a Big Name Celebrity.

Eva booked Detroit Zoo and Michigan Wildlife and several DTE commercials.

Rocco booked Detroit Zoo commercial.

Isabella booked a Chick-Fil-A video for their new on line games and has done several DTE commercials.

Derek booked a 2 week shoot in a comedy starring Gary Busey.

Jonbooked a 3 day shoot for a TV re-enactment series.

Alisha booked a commercial shoot.

Javon booked a film - Part 2 of a 3 Part made for TV movie series with a possibility of returning to film Part 3     and they are looking to make it a weekly TV series. Also, he has a part in "End of the Tour."

Danamarie booked the lead in an Indy film and they were so happy with how it turned out, she was hired to do the sequel.


Achieving Success is the Goal

Your success is my first priority. We will work together to give you the tools you need to be calm, creative, consistent, in control and successful. You set the goals you want to achieve and we will work together to make them happen. You will acquire a technique that is yours. One that is formed from your experiences and responsive to how you work naturally.

"Michael has knowledge that no-one else around this area has. His training is the most complete and clear I

have ever experienced. He really knows how to explain this seemingly elusive art of Acting. Michael has helped

me to unveil the talent I knew was within me but didn't know quite how to let it out." Danamarie A.

"I've been to every studio and acting school in the area, and no one is teaching what Michael teaches.I literally had to start over from scratch, but it was well worth it. My confidence in my abilities and my consistency have gone way up. I'm booking work now that I know I wouldn't have gotten if it hadn't been for what he taught me."  Javon A.

 Michael Maurice




Wesley Snipes

"Michael is one of the best, if not THE best Film Acting Coach in MI. He takes a personal approach in teaching his students. If you want to become the best film actor that you can be - take his classes. You won't regret the journey."   Laurel M.


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Bring the

"Best You"

To Every Role!

Your Dreams are unique to you, and your Acting Technique should also be unique to you. I teach people, not just technique. I'm here to show you how to get to that place where the "You" that the Character needs can appear. There are a lot of ways of doing that and our time together will be spent in finding the ways that work best for YOU!