Acting On Instinct

 For Individual Coaching, please contact me for available times. Cost is $40 per hour.


If you have an Audition and you need help getting it right - give me a call.

We can work to get the most out of the script - to get the most You into the Story.

The Audition is about you enjoying presenting a story that

only you could find with a character that only you could create.

Learning How to Enjoy the Audition
Every week you will "audition" for a new role.

We will break down the script the week before - learning

how to find the "Essential Story" that will lead you to

where you find how your story lives in that story.

You will learn the trick to fast memorization; how be self-confident;

how to go from, "Hi, how are you?"to instant focus on your character and scene.

We will work with Improv and "Instinct Exercises" to find

what you do naturally and easily that you can use in your craft.

 Rhythms and Physicality of Comedy

What makes us laugh? It is said that the secret to Comedy is timing - how's your rhythm?

Every Style of Comedy (and there are lots!) requires a different focus from the Actor. You will explore how you work when presenting something with the purpose of getting your audience

to laugh. We will study the best and find out what they do that causes us to laugh, even

though they may be going through a very traumatic emotional experience.


Relating to the Script - Working with Monologues and Commercial Copy

You will learn how to put your natural instincts to work for you. You will work on commercial copy, and a dramatic monologue that will be recorded. You will learn to discover the Essential Characteristics of a Character as well as the Essential Story in the script. You will learn improv as a tool for clarifying your character and the story. You will learn how to make every story

personal, immediate and essentially "Human."


Listening and Being Reactive - Working with Scenes and Industrial Copy

You will learn how to listen to your scene partners and be responsive to them as well as to your own internal work. You will continue the process of discovering what works for you and what is getting your way. You will hone your technique by challenging yourself to find deeper and more compelling ways to tell the story. This will be recorded for your use.


Getting Ready for your Close Up

Your face will fill the entire screen - with no where to hide,  your challenge is to

tell the story with the greatest clarity and intimacy. Powerful simplicity is the goal.

Letting your eyes truly be the "Windows to your Soul!"

Every other week you will present a new scene.  All work will be recorded.


Expanding your Vocal and Physical Presence

So much of you is now available for use in your craft, we will work on making

sure that all of your physical presence is available for expressing your characters.

This is where you discover how to be "unlimited" as an actor.

You will explore what it means to completely "Breath your Character" to life.

Your voice will become an amplifier for your feelings and your body will become

entirely available for your character to express the most subtle needs and wants.

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Michael Maurice